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Accepting a hand full of CEO's only

Have you ever felt like your business is about to swallow you whole, legit with shark teeth?

Have you been so frustrated to the point of breakdown because you feel like you don't know how to get your business from here to there, but the passion just won't let you quit?

Maybe your struggling with presence with your loved ones because your brand owns you and if you miss an opportunity to make a sale, you're doomed? Like whatever happened to entrepreneurial freedom, right?

What about the time when you cried in the shower because the launch wasn't as successful as you hoped and somehow that meant you were a failure?

Or the time you went out on a limb and hired the staff and the expectations fell completely flat?

Yep, me too sis. And guess what? You can recover, you can succeed, you CAN scale a successful, well rounded, full bodied, high impact brand while prioritizing your peace & passion.

I'm not a coach or a teacher and I'm VERY picky with the speaking engagements I accept. I don't create classes, webinars or courses to teach you the 5 best ways to get more instagram followers or 3 top strategies for online sales. Those are cute but that's not my ministry.

What I am is a multi-million dollar CEO who has scaled my products based brand over 12,000% in the last 3 years; Forbes names my company 1 of 25 that extraordinarily thrived during a pandemic. 10X isn't enough for me. I am an owner AND operator who still has my fingerprint on everything my brand exudes. I am a giver and an overachiever who has had to learn the hard way how to balance that equilibrium so that I can live an emotionally healthy life and serve 40+ employees at the same time, profitably. I've scaled this brand to secure the prominent spot as the fastest growing retailer in the nation (INC 5000/2021). And finally I'm ready to share & take you behind the scenes of how I do it all, now's your chance.

And because of that success, I feel a responsibility to help lift up when I can. And now's the time.

Introducing Grace Over Grind, the in-person, 1 day brand intensive overloading you with the behind the scenes intelligence that Sassy Jones utilizes to generate over $20 million dollars last year in revenue, with no ads, no paid marketing and no influencers. I teach the sustainable way.

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You'll leave with the following super powers in 1 day:

  • 3 future 1 hour follow up 1:1 sessions

  • Access to my brain for your business....

  • Individual marketing plan your tailored to your brand.

  • Our sales planning and forecasting strategies.

  • Direction on how to know what future business opportunities to invest in.

  • Renewed mindset on how to approach your business wholeheartedly with peace and clarity.

  • My personal holistic approach to become your best CEO. This one might sting a bit.

  • How to hire, attract and motivate the right team. Our internal hiring rubric and how we support them toward excellence.

  • Financial guidance on paying yourself and your team. Budgeting analysis of your revenue and how to determine where your money should go.

  • Systems training on the top 3 systems we use that generates millions.

I'll accept just 10 women CEO's for this once in a lifetime opportunity, this is personal.


• Behind the scenes tour of how the Sassy Jones operation is run. Come behind the curtain.
• Templates: Our Marketing plan template & social media template.
• Panel Q &A access to each Sassy Jones leader. WHEW!
• Topics covered:
Award Winning Customer Experience
Experiential Community Building
Genius Level Marketing, Ads Free
Product Design
Warehouse Management.


You got questions? We have answers.

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Can I break my payment down into Installments?


Is my travel or lodging covered?


Are room blocks available?

Yes, private details will be shared after you are accepted.

Will there be snacks and lunch served?

Absolutely, you'll be well fed. We believe in eating good!

What are the hours of the intensive?


Will I be able to take pictures of the office?

No, however there will be designated photo opportunities.

Will I have future opportunities with Charis?

Yes, you are granted 3 future 1:1's via zoom over the course of 6 months to ensure accountability with progress and solve future areas of opportunity in your business.


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